Greeting cards are the easiest and most popular way to send a personal message or thought to a friend or loved one. There are several greeting card categories to choose from. Holiday, Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well, Sympathy, Thank you, and Welcome cards are available with most printers. Within those boundaries there are literally thousands of custom printed cards to choose from. Greeting cards are normally printed on 60# to 100# card stock and can be printed in an infinite number of layouts and color schemes.

What Type of Paper Should I Use?

Blank paper stock used for greeting cards will typically be a heavier paper weight than, lets say, normal copy paper (20#). You’re going to want to use a heavier based paper so that the card will last a good amount of time. Ask your printer for a sample if you aren’t sure. Here are the types we recommend:

Index Card Stock – This paper stock is good if you value durability above all. (90#)

Vellum Bristol – Somewhat course but, nevertheless, an excellent choice. (60#-70#)

Cover Stock – Normally used for printed brochures, menus, and posters. (65#)

A Quick note on Paper Grain

Make sure you know the direction of the paper grain. Why? Folding your greeting card improperly will cause ragged edges. You don’t want that, trust us. It looks horrible. Keep this in mind if you use any type of fancy designer papers.

Corporate Greeting Cards & Christmas Cards

Corporate greeting cards and business Christmas cards are a popular and inexpensive way to make an impact and create customer loyalty with current and potential clients. Reminding customers about your business is an important function that can ultimately lead to sales if done properly. Here are a few tips to help you with the layout of your corporate greeting or Christmas cards.

  • Make the cards personal. Use the full name of the recipient.
  • Keep the sales pitch to a minimum.
  • Include exclusive coupons.
  • Include a branded promotional item.
  • Sending Photo Christmas Cards is also becoming more popular amongst businesses and consumers.

Greeting Card FAQ

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