Why Print In House? Digital Printing Offers More For Less

In House PrintingIt might seem like the best thing to do at the time, but the fact of the matter is that doing any substantial print job in house will almost always rack up extensive costs while producing less than professional results. Let’s take a look…

Printing In House Is Expensive

First of all, there’s the cost of time. For printing projects that are much bigger than making a few simple copies, inexperienced employees often end up spending expensive long stretches of time trying to work with office printing equipment that just wasn’t designed to handle professional-sized printing tasks.

Besides the labor cost factor, ink, toner, paper, and the related supplies are not exactly cheap for in the office print jobs. For example, printing any level of quantity of full color brochures or booklets via inkjet printer is an extremely pricy and tedious task. Using color laser printers and copiers is not much better. Some printing jobs are definitely best served by professional digital short run printing.

Digital Printing Might Seem More Costly Upfront

It’s easy to look at a quote from a professional digital printing service and assume that it will be much cheaper to handle the project in house. But in all reality, once all of the costs above are factored in, professional digital printing can actually add up to be quite a bargain. Plus, the speed of the turnaround time might be surprising too.

Digital Printing Produces Superior Results

When compared to the quality produced on an office copy machine, digital printing produces far superior results – even with plain black and white text. Granted, this level of precision might not be necessary for everyday inner-office needs, but when putting on that big presentation or sending out a large amount of corporate correspondence, crisp professional printed goods just can’t be beat.

The same holds true for color printing needs. Common office color laser printers and copiers produce a grainy and oddly glossy image. Ink jet printers just aren’t practical for printing any more than one or two quick pieces. Professional digital printing offers much better results at a very competitive price point, regardless of quantities.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to save money and impress clients with your next big presentation, mailing, or other printing project, don’t dismiss professional printing before weighing the options carefully. While professional printing used to require a significant setup process, long project runs, and lots of time to complete the printing job, today’s modern digital printing equipment is changing the game in huge ways. The assumption that professional printing will be more expensive and troublesome is no longer true – digital printing really does offer more for less.

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