Does white count as a printing color on printed projects?

White is generally not considered a printing color because it is not applied as ink during the printing process. Instead, white is created by leaving an area of the paper unprinted, allowing the natural color of the paper to show through.

In printing, the four basic colors used to create all other colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, also known as CMYK. These colors are mixed together in various combinations to create the full range of colors that can be printed. White is not used as one of the basic printing colors because it is not necessary to mix it with other colors to create lighter shades; it can simply be left unprinted on the page.

In some cases, white ink may be used in printing, but this is typically only for specialized printing processes such as foil stamping or spot UV printing. In these cases, the white ink is applied as a separate layer on top of the other colors, rather than being mixed with them.

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