How to Use Thank You Stickers to Add Meaning and Style

Thank-you stickers can add meaning and style to your expressions of gratitude, whether you’re thanking a special someone for a specific deed or just for being there for you in your time of need.  A thank-you letter handwritten on stationery is always made better when accompanied by thank-you stickers.  The following details how you can use thank-you stickers to add meaning and style to your expressions.

Why use thank-you stickers?

Thank-you stickers are the perfect complement to thank-you letters because they can succinctly express an additional “thank-you” with meaning and style.  When you add thank-you stickers, you let the recipient know you’ve taken the time and effort to carefully articulate your thoughts and deliver just the right message.  What’s more, thank-you stickers allow you to say “thanks” with repetition – without sounding like a broken record.

How to use thank-you stickers?

A good thank-you letter affords four good places for thank-you stickers; you should take advantage of two of them.  You can place a thank-you sticker on the front of the envelope in one of the lower corners (so as not to interfere with postal marks, stamps, and addresses).  Or, you can use your thank-you stickers as envelope seals on the back of the envelope.

On your thank-you letter, you can place thank-you stickers at the top of your letter or you can place them on the bottom, right beside or after your signature.  If you’re sending thank-you greeting cards instead of stationery, you can place thank-you stickers either on the front panel or on the inside right panel right beside or after your signature.

Either way, you don’t want to overdo it – only use two thank-you stickers per letter:  one on the envelope, and one on the stationery or greeting card.

How to design thank-you stickers?

One of the greatest thing about today’s advanced online printing technology is that you can design and print your own thank-you stickers at incredibly affordable prices.  Thus, instead of a generic department store purchased “Thank You!,” you can print more formal or personalized thank-you stickers.

Maybe you want a low-key, script thank-you sticker for use after a wake or illness.  Or, you might want to print a school mascot or graduate’s photo with the words “Thank You!” to thank those who helped with a graduation party for a more personalized effect.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing thank-you stickers, and you can make them as unique as the people who have helped you.

To get started, download a free thank-you sticker layout template from PsPrint.  These templates have no graphic elements; rather, they include helpful guidelines to help you position your artwork for proper printing.  Moreover, they’re already formatted in the proper sizes, resolution, and color format so your thank-you stickers look perfect and professional after printing.  The best part is, you can probably get professional custom thank-you sticker printing cheaper than if you tried to print them yourself on your desktop printer.

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