7 Printing Necessities Required For Small Business Startups

Business StartupStarting up a new small business can often be quite an ordeal. You know – getting all the ducks in a row and being organized with all the new paperwork required and office supplies to stock up on. Thankfully, there’s a pretty standard set of necessities that almost every small business startup will require when it comes to printing needs. Here are the seven printing necessities practically required for every small business startup:

Business Cards

Starting a new business without having business cards is like buying a new cell phone with no service. It’s just not something you would ever do! Having professional business cards handy to share in any circumstance that happens to pop up is an absolute essential for every small business professional.


It should come as no surprise that your customers and clients will naturally prefer doing business with a company that acts professionally. Polishing off your small business image with the details like customized printed correspondence is one of the best things you can do to put forth that professional attitude.


Having custom letterheads or stationary printed for your small business startup is just part of the overall professional image correspondence package needed. Custom printed envelopes that include your businesses details are required to finish the look.

Business Forms

While the needs will be different for each and every type of business, the chances are good that your new small business startup will need some kind of specialized form or another to be printed. These are the common necessities such as carbon copy invoices or estimate quote sheets that can be used out in the field. What specialized forms will your small business need to have printed?


Custom printed postcards are a real lifesaver when it comes to sending helpful appointment reminders or other similar quick correspondence to your small business customers and clients. Not only do they help you get the message out while raising awareness for your company, but they’re also quite a bit less expense to mail than traditional first class mail is – great for new businesses on a shoestring budget.


Depending on the products or services offered by your small business, having detailed brochures printed is almost always a wise thing to do. Sometimes, sending or handing out a brochure is the best way to put the essentials of your business in front of the right eyes at the right time. And yes, this still holds true even in the age of the internet and websites.

Promotional Items

Raising awareness for your startup is always something that needs as much attention as possible. After all, if clients and customers don’t know you exist (or perhaps just tend to forget your business exists), that can be a really serious problem. Help remind them you’re in business through some type of custom printed promo items that best convey your message.

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