Short-Run Printing: Reap the Benefits of Digital Printing

Short Run PrintingIn the hundreds of years since Gutenberg printed his first Bible, one thing has not changed in the printing business: Setup costs remained the same regardless of the quantity. The first copy costs almost as much as printing thousands. Twenty years of rapidly advancing technology have done little to change this fact—until now.

The next step in the digital printing revolution has arrived: Short-run full color printing. Modern digital-to-plate technology, digital presses and state-of-the-art laser printers have made it possible to produce small quantities of high-quality color products at prices everyone can afford.

“We introduced short-runs in May of 2002 with the slogan ’Only Pay For What You Need’. Customers seem to really like the idea,” says Jonah Stein, Director of business development. “We dropped our business card minimum to 250 and it immediately became the most popular quantity we sell.”

“Most of our large-format customers were asking for 100-200 posters, not the 500 minimums we offered. We had to invest in infrastructure, reduce costs and really gear up to make short-run a reality for a big press. The payoff has been worth it; with prices starting at just $299, you can make a big impression without putting a big dent in your wallet.”

Drew Herzoff, PsPrint’s founder

“Companies are now offering smaller quantities for business cards and postcards by building an automated work flow. This technology allows setup charges to be the lowest in history,“ he continued.

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