Not Every Printing Service Is Created Equal

Printing ServiceWhen searching for just the right printer for your job, there’s a lot more to think about than just the best price alone. In fact, the best printing service for one job might be one of the worst possible choices for another kind of printing job. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when preparing to hire the absolute best printing company possible for the job…

What are your needs?

That’s right, it’s definitely important to consider exactly what type of materials you need to have printed. Are you looking for business cards? Flyers? Perhaps your business needs custom printed promotional items to hand out at the next big industry trade show. While some of these types of print jobs are similar, others are totally different.

What are the printers specialties?

One printing company might specialize only in printing business cards, while others are jacks of all trades, so to speak. Now if your only current printing need happens to be business cards, the chances are pretty good that the printing company that actually specializes just in this type of printing and design will be a respectable choice – they probably have the expertise needed to get the job done with high standards. On the other hand, a printing company that specializes in printing on promotional items like pens, magnets, and so on, will probably not be the best choice to handle your company letterhead and envelopes.

Will the printing company deploy the simplest possible solution for your needs?

If your business or organization is seeking just a couple of hundred newsletters to be printed for the monthly mailing, using the traditional printing press printing process will probably be overkill, not to mention overly expensive. Modern short-run digital printing delivers amazing results at a fraction of the cost for small jobs such as this example. Using the simplest method possible for printing is almost always the best way to go.

What will the total price be after all costs and shipping?

While some printers are quick to send you the ultimate bargain quote for your big printing project, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re giving you all the details. The best printer for the job is rarely the one with the best price alone, but rather the one that is qualified to handle the job professionally and at a reasonable total price – all shipping charges, proof fees, and other costs included.

The bottom line is that it’s wise to only hire real professionals for the job – they’ve been doing it for plenty of time and have the experience necessary. While an amateur printing service might be able to offer the best price, they probably don’t have the same level of expertise, nor will they be willing to stand behind their work. The best printer for the job is ultimately the one that delivers a top quality product on time, for a fair price.

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