Printed Business Promotional Gifts Guaranteed To Work

Printed Promotional GiftsThere’s certainly nothing wrong with the good old fashion company logo trinkets like pens and sticky notes; however, for business promo giveaways guaranteed to make your clients take notice, it’s a good idea to step it up to the next level. Many of you are probably already using some of these printed promos in your businesses today. But for those who aren’t, please know that each one of these custom printed items is actually very reasonably priced at low to moderate printing quantities. The idea is to get the most bang for your buck. Here goes…

Custom USB Storage Drives

These are really popular as promo items, but not completely overdone yet (like stress squeezers and paper clip holders). For just a couple of dollars apiece at medium quantities, you can have your business logo and slogan professionally printed on a USB keychain. It’s a good idea to go with drives that have at least a 1 gigabyte capacity. Note for creative professionals: For the extra touch, why not pre load the USB drive with the deliverables for your most recent project with your client – they’ll definitely take notice.

Custom Printed Golf Balls

You don’t have to give away an entire 12 pack of custom golf balls to your clients to get them to take notice. Just a simple sleeve of three custom logo printed golf balls will be appreciated. The important thing is to give away first quality golf balls, not the cheapies often used for hand outs.

Green Goods

Going green is all the rage right now; if this sounds like something your customers or clients will really appreciate, why not have some creative eco-friendly promo giveaways printed up? How about an organic cotton reusable shopping tote bag printed with your company logo? Or you could even go with a recycled water bottle to encourage clients to do away with all of those plastic water bottles that just end up in the landfills eventually.

Stick With The Tried And True

It’s okay to go with promotional items that have been around for awhile – just try to think of an item you know you would personally love to receive. For example, many people are coffee and tea fanatics. The perfect printed promo item is often something as simple as a nice coffee mug or thermal mug. If you go this route, do take extra care to make sure your company’s logo or slogan is printed clearly and attractive for maximum effect.

Having business promotional giveaways printed is a time-tested practice that has been proven to work time and time again. Impress your customers and clients with promo giveaways that show you really do care about their business and your individual customer relationship.

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