On Demand Printing – Short-Run Printing – What It Means For You

On Demand PrintingIn the whole scheme of things, short run printing, and especially digital short run printing, is a relatively new and little understood capability. But the whole new world of possibilities that the professional printing method opens up is incredible. Let’s take a detailed look at what short run printing means for your business or organization.

First, What Does The Term “On Demand or Short Run Printing” Itself Mean?

Basically, thanks to significantly improved modern technology, the need to go through the extensive setup process required with traditional four color printing has been all but eliminated. Digital technology now means that most printed goods can take place immediately from a computer file without all of the prep and transfer work needed in days not so long ago past. Digital short run printing makes printing low quantities, such as 250 pieces (or sometimes even less), a reality.

Professional Quality Results Regardless Of The Quantity

Of course, it’s easy enough to say, “But we can already print 250 documents on our new color laser printer in just a few minutes, so why should we consider short run professional printing?” Well, it is true – technology has also brought incredible improvements to in house printing capabilities. But the fact of the matter is that even then, the quality of in house do-it-yourself printing is still inferior to that of professional full color printing. Think of the excellent color quality of your favorite magazines and other professionally printed items… This is the same level of quality that’s available on the fly with digital short run printing.

Significantly Reduced Printing Costs Compared To Traditional Printing

The traditional four color printing process delivers great results, but it’s no secret that it is also a little bit pricy when it comes to lower quantities. That’s because regardless of the actual quantity to be printed, there is still the same time and effort that must go into setting up the press for the job, getting each color ready, running proofs, and so on. On the other hand, digital short run printing is just about as easy as pressing the print button on your computer. Thanks to the extensively reduced time and labor required, short run printing is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional “long run” printing.

Professional Printing On Demand

Because so many of the barriers to entry have been eliminated with modern digital printing, truly professional quality printing is now available literally on demand. This means your business can choose to take advantage of the absolute best quality results on any printing job – not just the biggest ones. Quality printing has been known to deliver quality response and results from customers and clients when opposed to obvious in-the-office printing creations.

Short run printing means that your business can put its best face forward no matter how big or small the job is.

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