Are you looking to have a newsletter or pamphlet printed? Newsletters and pamphlets are branding tools that make a statement about your business. Normally, newsletters and pamphlets are printed on anywhere from 2 to 8 pages and printed on 60# to 80# gloss or matte paper stock.

Newsletter and Pamphlet Design Tips

The first thing to remember when creating your newsletter or pamphlet is to keep the design consistent. Keeping the margins and headers the same throughout creates a professional image which will ultimately help deliver your message.  This type of consistency can best be achieved through a template.

Try to keep your fonts to a minimum.  Arbitrarily using several font sizes and types will only lessen the appeal of your publication. Also, avoid italicized typefaces.  This will often slow down the reader.

The body of your publication should be sized between 9 and 11 points. A good rule of thumb is to set leading text two or three points higher than the body text size.

Most people read from left to right.  This being the case, don’t make it difficult for them.  Avoid inflicting irregular shaped blocks of type. For maximum readability use headlines and sub-headings.

Finally, ask your printer.  They are professionals and have some great insight on newsletter and pamphlet design.

Printing your Newsletter

You have a few options when printing.  You can print your own, with an in-house laser printer or you can contact a printer and have them do it for you.  We strongly suggest the latter.  Most printers have the expertise and production capabilities to create beautiful, full color works.  They also have creative ideas that will bring out the best in your work.

Remember, all of these production and design ideas are great.  But, the best way to distinguish yourself from the pack is through great content.  Before all else, make sure your writing creates the best impression on your audience.

Newsletter Graphics

The graphics and pictures in your newsletter or pamphlet are very important.  Don’t get carried away though. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  It has to be just enough to get your message across and give the reader some visual idea of what you are trying to express.

The cover of your newsletter or pamphlet is probably the most important. It sets the tone and makes people want to read it. Be sure to include important information. Let the reader know what the newsletter is about and who publishes it. Make the title unique so readers can identify it at a glance.

Newsletter Printing

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