What’s the Best Party Invitation Wording?

InvitationsParty invitation wording often seems to be the most stressful part of designing party invitations, but it doesn’t have to be.  The fact is that party invitation wording can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like it to be.  It’s your party, after all, and so you don’t need to fret about the best party invitation wording.  Still, it’s worth noting that a little direction can spark your imagination and put you on the path to penning the perfect party invitation wording for your special event.  The following lists a few examples of party invitation wording you can use as inspiration for your own invitations.

What to include in party invitation wording?

Before you can know how you want to word your party invitations, you first need to know what information you’re going to include.  You’ll need some form of salutation or a phrase that does the inviting, the date, time, and location of the party, at minimum.  You can optionally add directions and any special requirements for your guests, such as food, beverages, or chairs that should be brought or types of costumes that should be worn.

Sample party invitation wording

Simple party invitation wording is perfect for holidays such as Halloween and the Fourth of July.  When it comes to simple invitation wording, you’re simply getting the word out – and often, that’s good enough.  A simple party invitation wording example is:

You’re Invited to Our Party!
9 p.m. to Midnight
August 14, 2011
At 555 55 Drive
Snacks Provided; Bring Your Own Beverages

Elegant invitation wording often spells out numbers and uses more elegant phrasing.  It might go into more detail about what is planned for the party as well.  It also typically names the recipient.  A more elegant party invitation wording example is:

Dear Name,
You are cordially invited to attend
An evening of dancing and conversation
To be held from nine o’clock until midnight
On August Fourteen, Two Thousand Eleven
At Five Five Five Fifty-Five Drive

It’s fun to joke around with family and friends, and if you’re having a party for no special occasion you can put together some really funny invitation wording.  This is similar in style to simple party invitation wording, but you get to ham it up a bit.  This is only one example, but it demonstrates that you can word your party invitations however you would like.  A fun party invitation wording example is:

You will come to my party,
Or I will hunt you down.
Celebrate with us
At 1 p.m. Saturday, August 14, 2011
At my house, 555 Fifty-five Drive
Bring lawn chairs and BYOB, plus a covered dish – or you don’t eat
See you there!

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