Fun Ideas for Full Color Invitations

Color InvitationsFull color invitations are perfect for getting the attention you need for your big event, whether it’s a business sales event, a holiday party, a wedding, a birthday, or anything other celebration.  Full color invitations are immediately noticed in the mailbox, make bright reminders on the family or business bulletin board, and can ultimately increase your attendance rate.  And while you’re making full color invitations, you might as well have fun, so try the following fun ideas for full color invitations.

Photo full color invitations

Photos are excellent bases for full color invitations.  You can use a single photo, or you can make a collage of several different photos, depending on the look you’re going for.  Spice up your photos with fun filters and effects from your favorite photo editing program.  Text, borders, shapes, patterns, backgrounds, and other cool filters and effects can give make your full color invitations fit themes for anything form the old west to psychedelic.

Foil stamps for full color invitations

Want to make your full color invitations even brighter and shinier?  Try foil stamps.  Foil stamps can be used to outline or fill thin letters for an elegant appeal; or you can use them as fills for large text or as your entire background for a bright, shiny, colorful look that can’t be ignored.  Foil stamps are easy to do, even for novices.  All you have to do is contact your online printing company for instructions on how to denote where foil stamps should go in your artwork, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Funny scenes for full color invitations

Consider staging a funny scene and taking a photo for your full color invitations.  When you employ humor, you’ll have a ton of fun making your invitations, and your guests will love receiving them.  What’s more, they’ll be more likely to remember and attend on your special day.

Unique illustrations for full color invitations

Unique illustrations are great ways to have fun personalizing your invitations.  You could come up with your own design on your computer, or you could hand draw and color any type of artwork you’d like.  Paintings can also be used.  If your invitations are for a children’s party, consider having your children make their own designs out of crayons, finger paints, or watercolors.  All you have to do is scan the finished artwork into your computer or take a digital photograph and place it on your computer, download a free full color invitation layout template, and place your artwork on the template.  Your printing company will take care of the rest.

Full color invitations that are pure attention-getters

You can use colors and contrast to turn your full color invitations into pure attention-getting machines.  Pick colors combinations that are bright and contrast well, such as yellow and black, black and white, orange and blue, etc.. Then make your background one color and your big, bold text the other color.  When you employ this strategy, you’re sure to get noticed at the mailbox.

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