5 Tips For Printing Holiday Cards

Whether for business or personal family use, printing holiday cards is a great way to reach out and show you care.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when having your holiday cards printed this season.

Order Them As Soon As Possible

It’s definitely not too late to meet your holiday time deadlines, but it is important to try and get custom-printed holiday cards ordered as soon as possible. Ask the printing company what the quickest turnaround time is including shipping – often times they can put a rush on your order for just a small additional fee.

Make Them Personal

There’s not much reason to order custom-printed holiday cards if there will not really be anything custom about them. Common customization techniques include printing a company logo within the card design for business holiday cards. For personal or family cards, having a photo printed on the front is always popular and well-received. And regardless of who’ll be sending the cards, adding a personalized printed message inside the card is always a great idea.

Choose A Common Size

For mailing purposes, and to keep the holiday cards you’ll be sending out within the First-class stamp guidelines, make sure the cards you’re having professionally printed are standard greeting cards size. Your printer will probably have a variety of seasonal holiday theme greeting card templates to choose from, but if you do go completely custom, ask them to guide you on the mail sizes and regulations if that’s a concern.

Be Eco-Conscious

Holiday CardsRegardless of what your usual practices are when it comes to being green, it’s important to realize that many of your clients, friends, and family are ever-sensitive to the issue. Be sure to request that your custom holiday cards will be printed on recycled cover stock with environmentally friendly inks. And be sure not to overlook the envelopes chosen either. In the end, you can’t go wrong by making this request – while some recipients won’t notice the effort, it’s not worth taking chances with any that will. Go green this holiday season.

Make Sure There’s Room To Write

Those taking the effort to have personalized holiday cards professional printed usually realize that impressions do matter. One way to impress is to write, at minimum, a few words in your own hand before signing. The handwritten personalization of a greeting card always attracts more attention and appreciation than one that omits this personal touch. However, some printed holiday greetings, specifically those printed on glossy photo paper, do not leave enough space or provide the proper surface for adding an ink-written personal greeting. This is worth keeping in mind.

Again, whether they’ll be for business purposes or to send to friends and family, having holiday cards professionally printed is a great way to stand out.

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