Is Envelope Printing Important to Your Business?

EnvelopesIs envelope printing important to your business?  If not, it should be.  There are several reasons why envelope printing should be important to your business, but many small businesses often overlook the value – and sales power – of envelope printing.  The following details the reasons why envelope printing should be a part of your marketing strategy and offers tips for maximizing the sales potential of your envelopes.

Envelope printing brands your business

Maintaining your brand image is an important goal with long-term benefits for any organization.  When customers recognize and trust your brand, they’re more apt to open and read your communications:  the sales letters, newsletters, brochures, and other marketing materials you send via direct mail.  Print envelopes that match your letterhead for a consistent brand image.  Place your logo on your envelope for instant recognition; or, consider printing your envelopes in a brand color to command attention at the mailbox.

Envelope printing motivates opens

Envelope printing isn’t limited to branding; it motivate your direct mail recipients to open your envelopes to read what you have inside.  Several techniques exist for motivating opens.  You can print an intriguing question on the outside of your envelope that your customers will want to know the answer to, then promise the answer inside.  You can simply make an offer statement such as “open now to get a free DVR when you sign up for satellite TV!”  Or, you can add an extra push with a time-limited offer:  “Hurry – offer ends June 1” or “Hurry – First Come, First Serve Only!”

Depending on your market and your key selling points for your target customer base, you can come up with several different strategies for envelope printing that motivates opens – and the reads that ultimately lead to sales.

Envelope printing pre-sells

More than motivating opens, envelope printing can actually pre-sell your products and services before your envelopes are even opened.  You could print some of your product offering with limited-time offer discount prices on the outside of your envelope, promising more inside.  You could print a photo of a happy customer enjoying the benefits of using your product on the outside of your envelope, and combine it with a special offer only available when the envelope is opened.

Or, you can simply list some of the benefits of the products and/or services you’re promoting on the outside of your envelope.  When customers open your envelope feeling as though they already want what’s inside, your marketing materials are in a prime position to help close the deal.

Envelope printing as marketing

When you stop thinking about envelopes as simple packaging for your marketing materials and begin thinking of them as marketing materials themselves you can brainstorm new and creative ways to use custom envelope printing as a way to help sell your products and services while increasing your company’s profits.  You’re going to buy envelopes anyway; why waste such valuable real estate when it can help you sell?

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