What to Put on Dinner Party Announcements & Cards

Dinner PartyHosting a dinner party is a fun and exciting event, and you can set the mood from the get-go with the right dinner party announcement cards. Many novice party planners know what they want their dinner parties to be like, but aren’t sure what they should include on their dinner party announcement cards. For inspiration, read on to learn what to put on your dinner party announcement cards.

Dinner Party Announcement Cards: Design

Design your dinner party announcement cards to match the mood and tone of your party. If you’re hosting a fun gathering of old friends, bright colors and fun images can be part of your theme. If you’re hosting business associates, perhaps a more formal look with script fonts would be better. Another idea would be to make your dinner party announcement cards resemble menus, complete with images of the main dish to be served, cocktails, and colors that match the season or occasion.

Other ideas include designing your party announcement cards to match the time – say, a moon and stars for a late-evening dinner – or to match the environment or dish theme, such as a woodland color theme for an outdoor party or a festive Mexican theme for a Mexican food dinner.

Dinner Party Announcement Cards: Images

Your images should fit well into your design theme schema. As mentioned, photos of dishes and cocktails to be served work well. Images of specific ingredients, especially for themed parties, are also great ideas: tomatoes, peppers, onions, vegetables, fruit, and kabobs look great on dinner party announcements.

If you’re hosting a dinner party to honor a special person, holiday, or event, you can choose images of that person or that are symbolic of the holiday or event.

Dinner Party Announcement Cards: Basic Information

At minimum, your dinner party announcement cards should include the name of the party, the name of the host, the time and date, the location, and any maps and directions. You might add an explanation for the party, especially if you’re honoring a person. You should also include any special special information or instructions, such as whether guests should bring their own beverages, chairs, covered dishes, or gifts. Don’t forget to include RSVP information so you can plan for the number of guests attending.

Dinner Party Announcement Cards: Additional Considerations

You can dress up your dinner party announcement cards with foil stamps, printing on premium paper stocks, and adding UV glossy coatings. Or, go green with eco-friendly paper stocks. You might want to add additional information such as a poem, a short story about the guest of honor, a menu of the dishes to be served, allergy information and available alternatives/substitutes, parking instructions, handicap accessibility options, instructions on whether invitees can bring a guest of their own, and anything else you feel will make your party announcement cards better or otherwise assist your guests.

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