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Stickers & LabelsVisual appeal is one of the key ways you can market your business, and using custom sticker printing is a great way to grab the attention of your customers. Whether you use stickers as promotional tools outside the walls of your business or as a hook at your point-of-sale, custom sticker printing can help you command attention, empower your brand, and boost sales. The following details ideas for profitably marketing your business, brand, products, and services with custom sticker printing.

Use Your Logo

What do you put on your custom sticker printing? You use your logo, of course. There are few better weapons in your marketing arsenal than your logo when it comes to visual recognition and recall, especially if your logo has been professionally designed. So put that logo to use. Print custom stickers with your logo and hand them out to customers and clients as freebies. Whether or not they actually use them, they will have a tangible piece of your brand that will keep your business at the forefront of their minds. And if they do use your stickers – such as on their cars, folders, or laptops – you’ll get free marketing wherever they go!

Tools at Trade Shows and Events

Attendees at trade shows and events are always looking for freebies and swag, so be sure to have plenty of custom stickers on hand for these types of gatherings. Custom sticker printing is a great way to promote your business or product at trade shows, so hand them out with your other print collateral during these events to add that extra little bit of flair to your marketing package. You can simply use your logo as mentioned in the paragraph above, or you can have something specially created for the event itself. And, don’t be afraid to stick them on willing parties while you’re there, too. Every little bit of exposure helps!

On Packaging

If you are selling a retail product, you can use custom sticker printing to give you an extra edge in promoting it. For example, you can list the special features of the product on the custom sticker and put the sticker on the packaging to get more attention, even if the features are already listed on the packaging itself. The sticker will draw the customer’s eye to the details and hold their attention longer, just because it gives them something to focus on. You can also use custom sticker printing to promote special deals on packages or to highlight one major benefit.

No matter how you employ custom sticker printing, you can’t go wrong with it as a marketing tool. There are so many ways to use custom stickers you will likely discover new and innovative ways to use them in your own business with a little brainstorming. So get stuck on custom sticker printing and watch your customers and clients get stuck on you.

The quality of your sticker is the most important. Getting a quality custom sticker printing should be your top priority.

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