What does “camera ready” mean in printing?

“Camera ready” is a term used in the printing industry to describe artwork or a document that is ready to be printed. Camera ready artwork or documents are typically in a digital format, and have been properly formatted and prepared for printing.

To be considered camera ready, artwork or documents must meet certain requirements, such as having the correct size and layout, using the appropriate fonts and colors, and being saved in a suitable file format. In addition, camera ready artwork or documents should be free of errors or defects, such as blemishes, smudges, or low-quality images.

“Camera ready” is a term that dates back to the days of printing with film, when artwork or documents were prepared for printing by taking a photograph of them with a large-format camera. Today, the term is still used to describe artwork or documents that are ready to be printed, although the actual printing process may involve digital printing or other modern printing technologies.

By preparing your artwork or documents to be camera ready, you can ensure that they will be properly formatted and ready for printing, resulting in a high-quality printed product.

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