Tricks to Motivating Customers with Business Invitation Cards

Business invitation cards are perfect ways to bring potential customers and networking partners into your special events – seminars, conferences, trade shows, sales events, and other opportunities to expand your network and customer base. Business invitation cards add a personal touch to your invitations because they’re delivered directly to customers via direct mail rather than posted in a generic newspaper advertisement.  They’re more powerful for this, make customers feel special, and ultimately yield a better return on investment when you do them right. No matter what type of event you’re planning, you can take advantage of the following tricks to motivating customers with business invitation cards.

Offer VIP access

When you treat customers like VIPs, they will respond.  Send business invitation cards that give your customers VIP access to a special service, presentation, or consultation that will change their lives for the better.  If you’re going to have a celebrity on-hand, invite your VIP clientèle in for a private meeting.

Promise special discounts, coupons, or freebies

When you have incredible offers, such as special discounts, coupons, or freebies, you can motivate a highly-targeted customer base that’s ready to buy.  Make sure they have to attend your event in order to cash in on your offer.  This strategy might mean you have fewer attendees, but in return you’ll have more qualified leads in attendance.

Promise entertainment and food

If you’re putting on an event that’s a good time, such as live music, a comedian, a cook out/barbecue, or other entertaining act paired with food, you can get people in just to enjoy the good vibes.  A good example would be an insurance company that wants to push motorcycle insurance.  The company could host a ride-in with a band and free food, a best motorcycle contest, etc., to get their target customer base in the door (or the parking lot), and then make sure everyone leaves with insurance information, promo items, etc.  You could also promise something entertaining in return for visiting your trade show booth.

Ask a question/create a mystery

Ask your customer a question on your business invitation cards.  The question should have an answer your customers are dying to know (for example, how can you cut your household chore time in half for just $10 month?).  Then, promise the answer at your event.

Depict what customers want to be

When trying to connect with your customers through design, don’t depict them as they are now. Instead, depict idealized images of what they want to be.  Just as they say to dress for the job you want, not the one you have, you should reach your customers by showing them that you have what they want, not what they already have.

In addition to the ideas suggested above, you should make sure that everyone must RSVP before attending your event in order to ensure they get the benefits you promote. Make the RSVP closing a time-limited offer to motivate customers to act quickly to reserve their spots. Your business invitations should also be printed on premium marketing materials to lend the best first impression.

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