4 Winning Full Color Business Card Design Ideas

Business Card DesignsFull color business cards are no longer the exception to the rule, but the norm for businesses today. With the advanced technology afforded by digital and offset printing, anyone can afford to print custom full color business cards. Full color business cards add style and flair to your presentation, but since nearly everyone today has them, you have to go above and beyond the traditional design to develop a compelling card that commands attention and motivates follow-ups. The following presents four winning design ideas for full color business cards.

Action Shot

One of the best aspects of full color business cards is that you can print full color photographs on them. If you’re in a business that focuses on taking action – whatever that action might be – you can make your business card background a full action shot. You might depict yourself at work, fixing a problem or closing a deal. Or, you might print a funny photo showing what customers will get if they don’t hire you – a flooded basement for a plumber, for example. Action shots on full color business cards can be intriguing and will definitely get the attention of your prospective customers.

Full Size Portrait

Why limit yourself to a square or rectangle photo on your business card? Since you can now use photos any way you’d like, if you’re going to put your picture on your business cards you should do it in style. Take a formal portrait and make it the entire background of your business card; or, make it fill up one half with, say, a swooping line separating your photo from your business card text.

Bold Contrast

Color contrast is one of the most powerful tools you can employ to command immediate customer attention. A yellow business card with bold black text, for example, won’t elude the eyes of anyone you’ve handed your business card to. Other dark and light color combinations do just as well, and they don’t have to be so dramatic: a light green background with darker green text, or vise versa, is plenty enough to get curious eyes looking your way.

Mini Catalog

A business card should always be more than just a business card – it should be a sales tool. You can get creative by turning your full color business cards into mini catalogs. You can do this by printing a representative selection of your products on the back of your business cards with a URL customers can follow up with to see your full catalog online. Better yet, print a folded business card that will give you three panels for product promotion. When you brainstorm creative ideas like this, your full color business cards will be more than simple hand outs; they’ll turn into miniature sales people working to earn you business every time you hand them to new potential customers.

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