3 Steps to Personalized Announcement Cards

Printed Announcment IdeasPersonalized announcement cards are perfect for spreading the news about upcoming sales, customer appreciation events, and business achievements that help brand your company.  One of the best qualities of personalized announcement cards is that, because they’re personal, they help you connect with your customer base on a deeper plane.  When you send personalized announcement cards, your customers will appreciate you – they’ll feel valued, and they’ll respond with loyalty to your company.  Personalized announcement cards can take a little extra work, but the payoffs are well worth the effort.  Get started with the following three steps to personalized announcement cards.

Get a mailing list

The first thing you need to do is get a good mailing list of highly qualified leads.  Your mailing list not only largely dictates the success of your campaign, it also gives one of the most important things you’ll need for your personalized announcement cards:  the names of your recipients.

Each personalized announcement card you send should be addressed to a specific recipient by name, not to something generic such as “current resident” or “business owner,” etc.  When mail comes in your customers’ names, they’ll be more apt to open it and see what’s inside.

Compose a personal note

Your personalized announcement cards should include a personal note to each recipient.  There are two ways to go about this, largely depending on the volume of personalized announcement cards you’re sending.  You can either wait until your personalized announcement cards are printed (have them printed on CS1 premium paper stock so you can write on one side with a pen) and write a personal note to each and every individual recipient.  This strategy allows you to individualize your message, bring up past conversations, and ask about your customers’ families and hobbies, etc.  It’s definitely the best way to go if you have a low volume mailing.

If you’re sending too many personalized announcement cards to write individual notes, you can still compose a note that personalizes your message based on your customer demographics, or your mailing list.  Consider the characteristics they have in common and that make them prime candidates for your products and services.  Then, pen a note in the first person (“from me, to you”) that has a conversational tone and connects with your customers based on those shared characteristics.  This is a good strategy for capturing the essence of personalization without penning individual notes.

Design, print, and mail

Once you have your personalized mailing list and personal note, you can design, print, and mail your personalized announcement cards.  Have them designed to match the tone of your note and the wishes of your customers.  Print them on premium marketing materials to give your company the best possible image.  Then, have your online printing company handle the mailing for you to save you time, hassle, and money.  When you follow these steps, your personalized announcement cards can have a major impact on customer loyalty, leading to maximal sales now and in the future.

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