3 Styles for Announcements for Any Occasion

Custom PostcardsAnnouncements are fun because they’re generally sent to spread good news – engagements, births, weddings, birthdays, sales events, business milestones, and more.  But not all announcements are created equal; in fact, half the fun is coming up with fresh, original designs and printing them in new and creative ways to make your announcements the most exciting parcel in the mailbox.  For a taste of everything from traditional to ultra-modern, try one of the following three styles of announcements for any occasion.

Greeting card announcements

Probably the most recognizable announcement format is the folded greeting card.  Many people send folded greeting cards to announce life’s special moments, and businesses often use greeting card announcements to add a personal touch to their messages.  Don’t settle for any greeting card announcement; not only should yours be well-designed, it should be printed on premium paper stocks at affordable prices.  Opt for 14 point gloss cover stock or 13 point 50 percent recycled matte cover stock for best results.

You can add pizazz to your announcements by choosing extra-large greeting card sizes such as 10 in. by 7 in. or even custom sizes up to 13 in. by 17 in.  Or, make your announcements extra shiny with an added layer of UV coating.  Foil stamping is another great way to make your announcements stand out.

Invitation card announcements

Invitation cards play a similar role to greeting cards, except they’re flat like postcards instead of folded.  You can print announcements in the style of invitation cards for a simple yet attractive presentation.  Choose premium paper stocks such as 14 point gloss cover or 13 point 50 percent recycled matte for your invitation announcements, and consider going big with attention-getting sizes up to 6 in. by 8.75 in.

Postcard announcements

Just like with invitation card announcements, you can deliver a simple yet attractive presentation with postcard announcements.  However, unlike greeting card and invitation card announcements, postcard announcements do not require envelopes.  They’re the cheapest form of postage you can send, too, so you can save money with postcard announcements.  That doesn’t mean postcards are cheap-looking – you can print them on the same premium paper stocks as the other styles of announcements listed here (14 point gloss and 13 point 50 percent recycled matte).

Create your postcard announcement design for the front of your postcard, but don’t leave out the back.  You can use the entire left half of the back of your postcard to begin your announcement, and you should take advantage of this valuable real estate because it is the first thing your recipients will see (since postal workers nearly always place mail address-side-up); that way it isn’t mistaken for junk mail and summarily discarded.

Now that you know about three stylish ways to create announcements, start brainstorming ways you can incorporate your design and your message into all three.  Then, choose the one you like best, take advantage of special features such as UV coating, foil stamps, and extra large sizes, and wow your friends, family, or business associates with your incredible announcement!

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