Printing FAQ – Frequently Asked Printing Questions

I want labels to put on old ceramic jars such as, “coffee, cream, flour, meal, etc”. Any Suggestions?
How much DPI do I need for printed pieces?
What is the difference between coated and uncoated stock?
Does white count as a printing color?
What is toner?
What is a substrate?
What is cover stock?
What file formats should I submit to my printer?
Why don’t the colors on my monitor match my printed work?
What is a bleed in printing?
What is the difference between 100# text stock and 14pt card stock?
What does (4 over 1) or (4 over 4) mean?
What is short-run printing?
What is gang printing?
What is computer-to-plate printing?
What is full color printing?
What is four color printing?
What is one or two color printing?
What is a proof?
What is PPI?
What does DPI stand for?
Should I hire a brochure printer or can I make / print my own brochures?
What is digital brochure printing?
How will custom brochures benefit your business?
Is using a brochure template a good idea?
What are the standard sizes of brochures?
What are my options for the folds of my brochure?
What are the most common card stocks used in postcards?
What is card stock, how is the thickness or weight determined?
Can I print my own posters at home?
Why do I need UV coating on my poster?
What are the different types of bindings available for my catalog or booklet?
What are the common sizes for catalogs and booklets?
What is foil stamping?
What is folder scoring?
What is embossing?
What is debossing?
Are there any newsletter design templates available?
What are some typical book binding techniques?
What does the gutter refer to in book printing?
Why should I laminate my book?
What size should the cover of my book be?
Free business cards. What’s the catch?
What is UV gloss coating?
What is the standard size and shape of a business card?
What should be done before approving the final proof of your business card?
What is card stock and how is it measured for business cards?
What are business checks?
What are continuous business checks?
What are computer checks?
Why should I use business checks?
How do I print my own labels using a laser or ink printer?
What materials can blank labels or custom labels be made from?
What type of printable CD/DVD labels are available?
What determines the price of blank labels?
What type of adhesive is used on laser and inkjet labels?
Can I print laser compatible labels on an inkjet printer?
What’s the difference between die-cut and butt-cut printed labels?
What determines the price of a custom label?
What materials are labels be made from?
What is the window size on business envelopes?
What are lined paper envelopes?
Are printable envelopes made of special paper?
What are envelope printers?
What are envelope seals?
Does envelope size affect printing cost?
What are Vellum envelopes?
What are the advantages of online invitations or e-invitations?
How are announcements different from invitations?
What are embossed invitations or debossed invitations?What colors are most popular for graduation invitations?What are monograms?What is a motif and how is it used in invitation printing and letterhead?What is Vellum invitation paper?
Is greeting card scoring available custom greeting cards?