Business Checks & Computer Laser Checks

Business checks (aka computer checks) can be subdivided into continuous, laser, and manual checks. All can be custom printed with your logo or any type of contact information. They come in numerous sizes and styles and can be printed on your laser or inkjet printer.

Continuous Checks

These types of checks are set up to be printed with a continuous feed dot matrix printer. The checks are attached to each other with a perforation that allows for continuous printing.

Laser Checks

These checks can be printed from your laser printer.  The accounting software you’re using and the check type will determine how many of these you’ll be able to print at a time. To see a list of programs that support check printing, see the list below.

Manual Checks

These checks are not made for printing on a personal printer.  They are often filled out by hand.  A company will normally use these on special occasions when printing a check is not convenient. Three-on-a-Page Checks, Traveller – Small Quantity, Business-Size Checks, Compact Business Checks, Voucher Checks

Business Check Uses

Business checks are normally used in conjunction with your accounting or financial software like Quickbooks, Quicken, and Peachtree (look below). They also are offered as blanks so you can manually input your personal or company information. The accounting software you’re using and the check type will determine how many of these you’ll be able to print at a time.

Accounting Software

This is some of the accounting software that is compatible with most check printing.  Make sure to ask the supplier if the checks you are purchasing are compatible with your current software package.

  • AccountMate Software Corp
  • ACCPAC International Inc
  • BusinessWorks by Best Software Inc
  • Champion Business Systems
  • CheckMark Software Inc
  • Cyma Corporation
  • DacEasy
  • Deltek Systems Inc
  • Harper and Shuman Inc
  • Intuit (Quicken/QuickBooks)
  • MAS 90 by Best Software Inc
  • Juris Inc
  • Meca (Managing Your Money)
  • Microsoft Great Plains Software
  • Microsoft Money
  • M.Y.O.B. (BestWare)
  • One-Write Plus
  • OnlinePayroll by Wells Fargo
  • Open Systems Inc
  • Peachtree
  • Quicken / Quickbooks
  • RealWorld Corporation
  • SBT
  • Simply Money
  • Software Technology Inc
  • Solomon
  • Surepayroll
  • Unilink
  • Yardi Systems

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