About ThePrintGuide.com

ThePrintGuide was created to help the average user find a quality printing company without having to search through hundreds of listings. Our research in the printing industry has allowed us to identify the most popular categories which we’ve used to create the basic structure for our site.

First, we do not list companies that are not established. We require the suppliers on our site to be in business for at least one year. Our rankings are determined using a few factors including user feedback. If we receive excessive negative feedback we will not hesitate to drop them from our site. The listings on our site are sponsored (to help fund the site) but our goal is to provide only the best online suppliers, therefore we do limit the companies in each category. The best fitting companies for ThePrintGuide sell printed products online (have an online ordering system) and sell on a national scale. We do, however, also offer a local printing directory.

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