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The listings on are paid listings to ensure we find only the best printing companies in each state and to ensure our continued online presence. Once you have submitted your listing we can have it approved within 1-2 business days. Please setup your listing here.

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The recent additions section of the home page highlights the newest members of the site. The length of time a profile spends on the home page is determined by how quickly we are receiving submissions. In most cases we will typically display the 10 most recent additions to the site.

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Our rankings are based upon user interaction. To increase the rankings for a particular company simply visit their profile page and “Like” or “Thumbs Up” their profile. The vote up will increase the rankings for a particular company in every location (City & State) they are listed under.

ThePrintGuide was created to help the average user find a quality local printing company without having to search through hundreds of listings.

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